Join the IGI / renew your membership

The IGI have introduced two deadlines for receipt of completed membership applications, the 31st March and the 30th September each year. The deadlines have been introduced in order to streamline the administration and processing of new applications..

To join the IGI you must:

  • Read the Application Guidelines
  • Complete the Application Form
  • Have your sponsors complete the Sponsor's Statement

The current IGI Application Form, IGI Application Guidelines, IGI Application Sponsor's Statement and European Geologist (EurGeol) Application Form can be viewed, printed or downloaded using the links below:

(If you have a problem accessing the above files please contact

Membership Renewal

Your personal renewal form will be posted to you in the first quarter of the calendar year. Fees can be paid below using the PayPal facility, or as otherwise suggested on your renewal letter.

Application, Membership & Renewal Fees